Startup Consulting (2 Days)

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Startup Consulting (2 Days)


2 days of onsite working with your team to define what's next

Deliverables / Benefits:

- Creation of a tentative 6 month roadmap for product development prioritized for high customer value and respecting current staff constraints

- Identification of potential additional initiatives and market opportunities for later in the year

- Detailed advice on opportunities for UX improvements

- List of roles and skills you should consider hiring and advice on whether they should be full time or contract

- Suggestions of tools to assist with analytics and testing

- Summarized notes on all interviews conducted

- Provide methodologies for the team to evaluate new ideas and focus on those that will be most effective


Day 0: 30 min call about goals, current challenges, and to schedule 2 day worshop

Day 1: Interviewing key staff and partners about company goals, sales trends, market needs, skill sets/ capabilities, current challenges, etc.

Day 2: Prioritization exercises with PM / CRO / Lead Eng to produce roadmap (based on insights from Day 1) and staffing plan.

Good for... 

Seed Stage companies trying to find product/market fit

Series A companies working on focusing on proving traction

Series B companies strategizing for market and team growth

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